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Analytics and Business Intelligence – Introduction

The data you need to manage a business falls into two broad categories: data you know you don’t know, and data you don’t know you don’t know. Type 1: Data you know (but probably don’t know well enough) Descriptive Analytics

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One Hundred Thousand Trains of Coal – updated

The latest SEIA report for Q2 2014 shows faster than Moore’s Law growth in PV installations. Installation in 2014 will be 8X the installations just four years ago and doubling again by 2016. Local and state incentives combined with a

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Jobs in the 21st Century

Either the robots work for you or vice versa 1.7B people in the world have access to Smartphones. A device that can access all of the information in the world and show funny videos of cats. The Smartphone is not

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NAND Flash Ecosystem

NAND Flash is the dominant non-volatile storage technology in portable electronics (Smartphones, Tablets). Solid state drives (SSD) are rapidly displacing hard disk drives (HDD) in laptops and moving into enterprise storage in a variety of configurations – flash cache, hybrid

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Why the Aereo Supreme Court Decision is ultimately good for consumers

You can read the full transcript of the SCOTUS decision

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Bitcoin Demystified (did I just pay $50 for a latte?)

Myth: Bitcoins are not as secure as US Dollars Credit cards and financial account passwords are compromised everyday – whether by outright theft, hidden scanners or cameras that surreptitiously steal numbers, or hackers – causing millions of dollars in loss.

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SmartPhone, SmartTV, SmartEverything

Introduction In only a few years, the Smartphone has become the personal computer of over one billion people. Another billion will be added in the next few years. The success is not merely due to the electronics in the phone,

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Competition Spurs Performance in Mobile Storage

Many companies were surprised by the unexpected eMMC developments last November, when Samsung announced availability of a 260MB/s eMMC device. The announcement roiled the mobile storage industry and led JEDEC to hastily finalize a revision to the eMMC specification. The

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State Machine Compiler: A Hidden Treasure

Most any digital system will require state machines to control the operation and implement algorithms. State machines are easily enough to write manually, but because they tend to require much iteration during development the frequent modifications can be tiresome and

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Trends in Mobile Imaging

Introduction There are four key elements to mobile imaging: Media Processing Display Technology Content Interface protocols between processor ICs and image controller IC’s Today’s Application Processors for Smartphone and Tablet have substantial graphics processing capability. Most are fabricated in 28m

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